13 Healthy Ways to Manage and Deal with Frustration

Are you always stressed out and frustrated? You need to find ways to deal with your frustrations in a healthy manner. If you don’t do this, you may suffer from physical health and mental health issues. You can hurt your career and relationships with family and friends, too.

Check out these 13 healthy ways to manage and deal with frustration.

 1. Focus on Your Breathing

When you start to get frustrated, you should take a moment to focus on your breathing. Take time to pause and focus on your entire breathing process.

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Force yourself to slowly breathe in through your nose and exhale out of your mouth. Repeat this until your stress subsides. 

 2. Keep a Journal 

Writing down your thoughts daily can help you better deal with your frustrations. When you jot down your feelings in a journal, you will learn to be more grateful for what you have and not focus on your stressors. You also can better pinpoint what triggers you and prevent those triggers from developing again. 

 3. Drink More Water

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You might be frustrated because you have a hard time thinking clearly. Be sure you get at least eight glasses of water a day. Water helps your brain function better. You mitigate clarity issues that can cause frustration or make frustrations worse than they really are. 

 4. Eat the Right Foods

Did you know certain foods can help you deal with your frustrations better? And did you know specific foods might make your matters worse? Avocado, bananas, and fatty fish are among the foods that can help you. Alcohol, fried foods, and processed meats are some of the foods you might want to limit

 5. Exercise More

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Make sure you get in at least 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise five times a week. Popular exercises you might want to consider are cycling, jogging, swimming, and walking. Yoga can be great for you, too. If you have a hard time motivating yourself to exercise, you might want to join a local gym. 

 6. Get Creative 

Look for ways to be creative. Creativity is fun, but you also benefit your health in numerous ways, including your mental health. Drawing, painting, playing music, and repurposing vintage items are a few of your options. 

 7. Meditate and/or Pray

If you have not looked into meditation and prayer, you really should do this. You can turn to local counselors and places of worship.

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You also can check online for some beneficial guided meditations. 

 8. Be of Service to Others

Look into volunteering and helping others. Sometimes when you give yourself to others through service projects, you notice how trivial your frustrations are. Your outlook on life and your mental health can improve. 

 9. Read a Book 

Sometimes you need to escape from the world for a little while to calm down. Grab your favorite book or find something new to read.

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Getting lost in a story can help you take the focus off of your frustrations. Your stress can go down

 10. Focus on Positive Affirmations

Not just when you journal, but throughout the day focus on the positives in your life. When you do this, you help prevent frustrations from occurring. You also manage your frustrations, better. Make this a priority.

Whenever you sense your mind starting to take on a negative mindset, you need to force yourself to have a positive outlook. Fill your day with positive affirmations, even if you are not stressed. This will help you remember the positives in your life when a potential frustration develops. 

 11. Eliminate Certain Stressors

This might not always be easy to do, but you have to try and eliminate stressors from your life. You might need to change who you hang out with and set restrictions on your family, friends, and your job. Certain situations could be causing your frustrations.

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Do not be afraid to get rid of unnecessary stressors from your life. Those who love you will support your efforts. 

 12. Talk to Your Family and Friends

Do not be afraid to confide in close family and friends about your issues. Make sure they know what is causing you to get frustrated. Usually, they are your biggest supporters. They might be able to offer up some helpful advice for you. They also could help remove stressors from your life. And if you have to reach out to family or friends about frustrations they could be causing, you must be sure to do this the right way

 13. Seek Professional Help

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If your frustration issues are getting worse and/or more frequent, you need to seek professional help. Do not be embarrassed to do this. Do not undervalue this, either. Your mental and physical can suffer. It’s okay to get frustrated from time to time, but this should not become a pattern.

No matter what is causing your frustrations to disrupt your happiness and your life, you need to reach out to someone who can help you. 

 Covered above for you are 13 very helpful tips that can assist you in your efforts to manage and deal with frustration. Give these aforementioned strategies a shot and know that you can do this. You can move forward and learn to leave your frustrations behind.

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