20 Ways to Start Following Your Passion

Are you ready to start following your passion but don’t know how to get started? Is time or money issues keeping you from trying? If so, consider the following 20 ways to start following your passion regardless of your current circumstances. 

1. Hone Your Skills by Taking a Class

Enroll in a class or workshop for skills you will need. It will also help to take a business-related class such as bookkeeping or website design. Look for these at your local college or online.

2. Volunteer at a Non-Profit or Charity

Volunteering provides you with a great way to gain experience related to your passion while giving back.

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You will make new contacts as well. A few ideas of what you can do include:

  • writing blog posts
  • designing new logos
  • tutoring
  • preparing meals
  • caring for animals

3. Volunteer for Projects at Your Current Job

Where you work can be a prime opportunity to start following your passion. Offer to help out by writing for the employee newsletter, taking photographs for the company website, videoing a company event, or any other such activity which fits in with your passion.

4. Enlist Family and Friends

Offer your services to family and friends. Not only will you gain the needed experience, but you will have something to add to your portfolio of work.

5. Reach out to Local Businesses

Start out offering your services for free to a few local businesses. This is a great way to get your first references and samples to add to a work portfolio.

6. Learn From Someone You Admire

Identify someone already successful in your field. Learn how they got started, what hurdles they faced, and if they have any tips for you.

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While your path will be different, it will give you the inspiration to find out if it is possible to live your passion.

7. Find your Tribe

Know you’re not alone in your quest by finding people who share your passion. They may be following it now, in the process, or just thinking about it at the moment. Finding your tribe will not only inspire you; it will provide ongoing support down the road.

8. Network

Networking online and offline is essential for all lines of work. Find people on social media and connect with them. Attend networking events in your field or in similar or supporting areas. Branch out from your tribe and make connections with those you can work with, and eventually for.

9. Look for an Internship or Part-Time Position

Internships aren’t just for high school and college students these days. Many organizations, from the PGA to an art gallery, offer internships. If you can’t find one, or your finances aren’t there yet, look for a part-time job doing what you love to do. Examples of these include sports marketing, graphic design, and art therapy.

10. Focus on Your Online Presence

Your online presence is key. Establish it by creating a website or online portfolio and signing up for social media accounts.

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Be sure these social media accounts are for your new line of work and not overly personal. Participate in forums. Comment on other people’s posts, especially if you can share some part of your expertise.

11. Order Business Cards to Hand Out

Although business is often conducted online these days, you will still have opportunities to hand out a business card. Order up a batch and always carry them with you. Every time you look at them, you’ll be reminded that you’re following your passion.

12. Start Freelancing

Get started freelancing even while still at your current job. There are numerous platforms online that can help you get started, such as FIVERR, or you can build your own website and start marketing yourself.

13. Set Up Your Store

If you will be making crafts, such as jewelry, set up your store online. Etsy is one such place to do this, but there are several others as well.

14. Sell at Arts and Craft Shows

There are numerous art and craft shows across the country. Identify which ones will be the most valuable to you and set up a booth.

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15. Attend a Conference

Attend a conference in your field and connect with others. Hand out those business cards you had made. You may just learn new insights to help you succeed.

16. Join the Board of an Organization

One way to gain experience and build your resume is to join the board of an organization that directly or indirectly relates to your passion. There are hundreds of small and large organizations looking for new board members every year. Keep your eye open for a spot and let them know of your qualifications and interest.

17. Write Out Your Plan

At whatever stage you’re in, consider sitting down and writing out a plan of action. Include the goals you want to meet and when. Look at five days, five months, and five years down the road. Create a list of the steps you need to take.

18. Get a Life Coach

Life coaches are there to help you refine your vision for your life. They also help you devise a plan and then follow up with you on your progress.

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This a way of providing accountability and helping you reach your goal of living the life you desire.

19. Set Up a Business Entity

If you’re ready to set up your own business, such as a Limited Liability Company or sole partnership, seek out assistance from your local Small Business Association. They can help you get started.

20. Jump in All the Way

Sometimes it pays to jump in all the way and follow your passion wholeheartedly. If this requires you to move back in with your parents or look for a roommate, then so be it. Just make sure you are committed to making this work and don’t give up until it does.

Following your passion isn’t always feasible; however, you can take it one step at a time. Choose one or more of the listed ways above and get started. You’ll be glad you did.

Still not sure how to go about it? Get started by answering these questions.

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