21 Ways to Manifest Abundance in Your Life

To have an abundance of something is to have much more than you need. Although this word is often used to describe material possessions, it is also used to describe qualities such as love. To attract abundance into your life, you need to get rid of your “scarcity mindset.” Let go of any beliefs that may be limiting your growth. 

Here are some ways to attract abundance and manifest its powers to change your life.

1. Believe Beyond Sight

Many people live by the mantra “seeing is believing.” According to Dr. Stan Wallace, this is because “we inherited Physicalism from the Enlightenment, and so now most just assume it to be true without much thought. It has been drilled into our cultural psyche day in and day out for several centuries.” This is a very limiting mindset which can impede the manifestation of abundance in your life. Just because something is not physically in front of you, does not mean that it is not in the works.

2. Declutter

A way to attract abundance is to get rid of things that do not serve you in your immediate environment. Get rid of old clothes you no longer wear. Consider donating your material possessions to charity, or asking friends if they have use for some of your unwanted items. 

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Clear out your cabinets, drawers, and sort through old crates and boxes to clear out the old. This will attract abundance by making space for new things to come into your life.

3. Failure Comes First

Failure is an essential proponent of success. Everyone has failed in some aspects of their life and will most likely fail again. It is important to not let your shortcomings stop you. Instead, use them to drive you to improve. Learn from your failures to pave your road to success and abundance.

4. Celebrate Prosperity

It is important to be thankful for even the smallest things the universe sends our way. Have you seen a tiny coin reflecting off the ground in a parking lot? Next time you do, make sure to pick it up and be grateful for this prosperity the universe has brought you. Thank the universe for even the littlest things. If you are thankful for the little, you are sure to be grateful for the many.

5. Identify How You Can Manifest Abundance

When it comes to attracting abundance, you should not just wait and expect prosperity to fall into your lap. You must work for it and find ways to open up opportunities for abundance.

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Are you a good artist? Consider making and selling artwork to family and friends. Do you enjoy cooking? Maybe start a baking or cooking business. Do you like children? Maybe start a babysitting business. There are infinite ways to make a little extra cash and attract abundance into your life.

6. Surround Yourself with Positivity

Surround yourself with things that can attract abundance by changing your mindset and view of the world. Put up inspiring quotes on your wall. Read books on success, watch motivational movies or videos, or pass on kindness and prosperity to others. Before you know it, your outlook on abundance will change, and the universe will pass this back down to you.

7. Create a Vision Board

Not only is this technique fun, but it also fosters creativity and is extremely powerful. Flip through books, magazines, articles, and other sources to find images or quotes that inspire you. Then, arrange them on a board in a collage and pin it up somewhere in your immediate space. This technique allows you to be constantly reminded of your goals and aspirations in life.

8. Appreciate Everything

Gratitude is one of the most effective ways to attract abundance. By actively looking for things to appreciate or be grateful for, the universe will reward you by allowing for more opportunities and things to appreciate.

9. Worthiness

Avoid creating unnecessary drama or obstacles to hinder your path to abundance. Love yourself a little more, nurture your thoughts and feelings, and watch abundance grow in your life.

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Rise above your own unworthiness and prove to the universe how deserving you are of abundance in your life.

10. Fake it ’til you Make it

By immersing yourself in positive energy and prosperous vibrations, you can attract it in your life. Start by living the life you want to be. This can be through going to stores you would like to shop at, viewing houses you would like to live in, or watching documentaries about places you would like to visit.

11. Get Rid of the Scarcity Mindset

When you believe that you will never have enough, be enough, or achieve your goals, you will manifest these thoughts and negative energy into your life. According to Gabby Bernstein, “true abundance begins with feeling abundant. Trust that the universe has your back.” This is one of the biggest roadblocks of manifesting abundance and should be avoided at all costs.

12. You are not Better or Less than Others

Having a certain amount of money or material possessions does not make one person better than the next. By placing importance on not having a certain amount of possessions, you will not be able to enjoy abundance for fear of losing it. Always believe you have enough. Keep in mind that you have the resources to prepare for and achieve abundance.

13. Want More for Others

By wanting the best for others, we immerse ourselves in the energy of abundance. Also, making others feel good ultimately allows us to feel good as well.

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By wishing abundance upon others, you open up your own ability to receive what you have wished for others. This allows you to release a “comparison” block in your life.

14. Stop Trying to be Perfect

Although perfection is usually a good thing to strive for, it should not be the focus of your life. If you continue to hold yourself to standards of perfection, you could end up mentally and physically exhausted. 

According to Ashley Stahl, “perfectionism is often a mask that hides one’s extreme fear of failure. Hold yourself to high standards, but don’t forget to also have experiences that allow you to be challenged and grow from mistakes. Those lessons are essential on your journey toward abundance.”

15. Let go of Control

Stop trying to control everything and let the universe take control. Most people have gotten successful by listening to their inner voice and forfeiting control. In the end, everything happens for a reason, and there is nothing you can do to stop the inevitable from happening.

16. Practice Non-Attachment

It is important not to get to attached to abundance in your life, as this will only make it disappear as fast as it came. It is important to know that abundance ebbs and flows like a current and must be moved around to make room for new forms of abundance.

17. Don’t Believe in Money

Money does not grow on trees, but it is certainly out there. The goal is to get your hands on it and use it to share joy with others to receive your portion. 

According to Oprah Winfrey, “spend your money in line with the truth of who you are and what you care about…your money should bring joy to you and the ones you love… use it as a powerful force for good to fulfill your best intentions.”

18. Do Not Depend on Money

Attracting abundance requires knowing how to handle it. Discipline yourself in your finances, and avoid buying things you can do well without. This will make room for more abundance in your life.

19. Claim It

Believe abundance has already manifested. Whatever it means to you, use that energy in your current situation.

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If you are already working on something, the universe will make sure it comes to you. If it is already yours, what is stopping it from coming to you?

20. Keep Track of Abundance

Pay attention to the milestones you achieve on the way to your ultimate goal. Keep track of all the little things you manifest in your everyday life, as the journey is often as or more important as that goal.

21. Generosity

People who live in abundance are not afraid of giving to others, because they know they will still have enough. Generosity does not have to be monetary. It can come in the form of time, kindness, passion, and more. By giving back, we create opportunities for the universe to give back to us.

When putting these tips to use, make sure to thank the universe for all it gives you. Eliminate your financial fears and understand that the universe has a way of working things out. By freeing yourself from fear-based and limiting thoughts, you won’t just open the doors for more abundance in your life. You will also be able to fully enjoy it. You are abundant.

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