5 Amazing Ways To Celebrate The Holidays During A Pandemic

Let’s face it, the holidays will be different this year. Many will be skipping frivolous holiday travel, large gatherings, celebrations, concerts, and shopping among packed crowds. But it doesn’t mean our holidays should be dreary. There are ways to make the holidays special for our loved ones and to find joy amidst global changes that impact all.

We don’t have to cancel our holiday. But we do have to ensure safety and health for all. How do we do that? By being creative with how we usher in joy this season. 

So, let’s be merry this season, put on your happy face, and throw yourself headlong into these new traditions:

1. Make the Most of Those Traditions You can Do Safely 

Feel free to deck the halls with all the trappings and trimmings! Have your kids string popcorn and cranberries galore! Bake pies, and make holiday cookies for safe neighborhood distribution. 

bake christmas piesSource: Shutterstock

Whatever you choose to do, do it with celebration, passion, and gusto, and the excitement you generate will be infectious. Take those neighborhood light viewings, host a hot chocolate/movie night, and make ordinary evenings into extraordinary events.

2. Take Advantage of Pandemic-Approved Events

Many entertainment venues are now offering free movies, concerts, and performances that you can stream live right in the comfort of your home.

online concertSource: Shutterstock

While some may have a small ticket fee, these top-notch performances are yours to enjoy upon login. Your family can gather around the television to experience world-class entertainment for a nominal fee.

Did you know that many seasonal outdoor celebrations are still taking place with some social distancing requirements? You can still experience outdoor bazaars, and carnivals with a bit of caution and a lot of cheer. 

3. Combine the Best of all Celebrations

Who says that Valentine’s day should be the only day to receive sweet treats in the mail? You can still bob for apples at other holiday gatherings if the kids favor that activity.

holiday smoresSource: Shutterstock

And nothing says cozy like a Christmas bonfire where you roast marshmallows and combine them with candy canes and chocolate for a delicious treat. 

Get creative and inspired by ideas that combine the best of seasonal celebrations, and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

4. Plan a Virtual Holiday Get-Together

It has never been easier to connect with friends and family from far away. Why not go on a video call for Christmas dinner? How about a virtual caroling session?

online holiday celebrationSource: Shutterstock

Have a family member play the piano and everyone can sing along. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to connect and stay connected with those you love with a few innovations and some creative thinking.

5. Make the Kitchen a Gathering Place

If you were a baker in the past, then this last tip won’t surprise you. Lots of warm holiday memories are inspired by delicious food and sweet treats that you can create right in your own kitchen! 

christmas celebration at homeSource: Shutterstock

Get the kids involved, start new traditions around food, and see what comes of the extra time that you have together to create something truly delicious and special. 

The pie’s the limit!

It may take a little convincing, a little persuasion, and a cheerful attitude. But you’ll undoubtedly find your way through this time with new ways to celebrate and some good times that we can look back on, despite the adversity that we are facing. 

Now, start creating something wonderful this holiday season!

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