5 Mindset Principles of Successful People

Some people believe that being successful is a product of variables that are out of their control. These might include the randomness of being born into a wealthy family, getting into the right schools, having the right connections, or a host of other variables. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are ample rags-to-riches stories of people who started out poor and climbed their way to success. There are enough of these stories to realize that the primary ingredient in your success is you!

More to the point, your personal journey to success is determined by your mastery of the mindset principles of successful people. What are the traits that separate those who make it in life from those who don’t? Below you will find five of the big ones.

Stay true to yourself

Successful people know who they are and know their values, beliefs and set goals that align with them. They then stay true to this vision that they lay out for themselves. It’s easy to be molded by the society around us and to conform to certain expectations. Successful people know what they want out of life and live on their own terms.

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Of course, successful people are also always learning. This will invariably cause personal growth and reassessment of ourselves and our beliefs from time to time. It’s simply important to be sure that the adoption of any new attitudes or outlooks in life are coming from yourself and not being imposed by those around you.

Have a clear vision and goal, but be flexible in reaching it

Everybody has dreams, but only people who set and reach short and long-term goals toward those dreams actually accomplish them. Setting and achieving goals is a wonderful process that provides you with positive feedback. Every time you achieve a goal in the direction of your eventual target, you know you’re one step closer. Successful people also set their goals fairly high to push themselves.

When setting interim goals, you need to keep your final goal in mind as your primary focus. If you realize that a short-term goal you set to take you toward your destination is actually not ideal, don’t be afraid to change it to one that will get you there faster. You might want to reexamine your incremental goal-setting process, however, if you find yourself doing this a lot.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

You may have promised yourself that you will get a couple of posts uploaded to your blog every week without fail. In keeping with the idea of sticking to the goals you set for yourself, you want to make sure this gets done. When time simply doesn’t permit you to get these blog posts done this week, contract the work out to content writers instead of giving up on it. Perhaps there is some problem you just can’t resolve, but you know the perfect person who could help you, but you feel asking them for help would hurt your pride. Swallow your pride and ask. Achieving your goals is more important than any petty emotional baggage you may be carrying around.

Drop Victim Mentality and Learn From Failure

There’s an old saying about how you can’t control what happens to you in life, you can only control your reaction to it. How do you react to failures and disappointments? Do you wallow in self-pity and emotionally condemn the world for being so cruel? If so, knock that off right now!

Successful people know that blaming circumstances external to themselves is not the answer because this reduces your power over your ability to exert influence in your own life. Do rotten things happen sometimes and will you occasionally be dealt a bad hand or get a raw deal? Of course, you will. Successful people go into this game of life knowing that it isn’t fair, so they don’t expect it to be. This helps them pick themselves up off the ground much faster and get back on track toward reaching their goals. They treat failure and disappointment as a learning experience rather than a barrier.

Trading Short-Term Pleasure for Long-Term Success

Successful people are willing to dedicate the time it takes to reach their goals even if this can mean sacrificing some short-term pleasures. You may not feel like working on growing your side business after getting home from a long day at work. After all, that couch and TV are so inviting. Unfortunately, this attitude won’t get you far. Successful people realize that reaching those big goals require giving up some momentary pleasures in the here and now.

Admittedly, this does require some balance. You don’t want to be so obsessed with your goals for a business or other venture that you miss important milestones or events with friends or loved ones. That being said, if it’s a matter of a typical, lazy day at the beach versus working on that business that might get you the income and time freedom to go to the beach whenever you want, then the choice is obvious.

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