7 Reasons to Adopt a Dog

Who doesn’t like dogs? I’m sure we can agree that to adopt a dog and have one as a companion is a nice addition to your life. Four-legged dogs are not seen as our best friends, or even as a member of our family for nothing.

But what makes having a dog so special? Here are seven reasons to adopt a dog and have one as your best friend. Be warned, you might take a ride to the shelter after reading this article. 

1. You always stay fit! 

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Do you know those days when you are inside all day? Especially in winter. Comfortably under a blanket or working all day behind your laptop. You won’t get away with that with a dog. When your dog looks at you with puppy eyes and hints towards the door, you can’t help but take a walk. And you will soon find out that those walks are actually very nice. After all, outside air gives us energy and exercise is crucial for a vital life.

2. Always an enthusiastic welcome back home

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Who wouldn’t like to be received lovingly after a long day at work? With a four-legged friend in the house, this is reality. Your dog has been waiting for you all day. So you’re inundated with love when you come home. Even though we come home grumpy, the love of your four-legged friend is unconditional. 

3. A “shoulder” to cry on 

Sad, happy, cranky? Dogs are extremely sensitive and feel your mood flawlessly. It doesn’t even take words. Sometimes we just don’t want to talk about our feelings. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need a little love. Often a dog feels your grief before you even know it. So you even get that much-needed hug without asking for it. Many a man can learn something from that.

4. Your social life gets a big boost!

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Dog owners find each other quickly. You’ll notice that it’s suddenly a lot easier to talk to the neighbour around the corner. It’s quite handy when you need a pack of sugar. But it doesn’t stop there. Just like parents have play dates with their children, dog owners have play dates with other dog owners. So have fun with your four-legged friends in the woods or park. 

5. A dog is good for your self-confidence

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A study by the American Psychological Association suggests that having a dog boosts your self-confidence. For this study, they followed a group of new dog owners and compared these results with a control group without a dog. Their behaviour and statements showed that their self-confidence had increased. It’s also handy when you’re talking to your dog in the pub, isn’t it? 

6. Social icebreaker 

Perhaps not the most obvious reason to take a dog, but a dog can be a fine icebreaker during new encounters. Imagine that you are proposed to someone you do not know yet. Then your dog will very likely prevent uncomfortable moments. This is because the focus is not so much on you, but more on all the crazy maneuvers your dog does. In addition, you also immediately have a nice conversation topic. This is even the case when your dog is not there. With potential new friends you will soon start looking for things you have in common. Should it be so that you both have a dog, you won’t be out of talking for the next half hour. And who knows, maybe the next encounters will be with your four-legged friends.

7. A dog makes you happy! 

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Dogs make us happy. A dog owner can feel intensely happy just by making eye contact with his dog. A study from Azabu University in Japan even suggests that our brain produces the hormone oxytocin during this eye contact. This hormone leads to a feeling of happiness and togetherness. And tell me honestly, who wouldn’t want to be happy?

So… are you already in the car headed for the pound to adopt a dog? 

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