7 Reasons to Stop Vaping

Vaping is a modern way of smoking that uses e-cigarettes and turns aerosolizes juice into vapor, hence the name. Vaping got introduced as a way to wean individuals off cigarettes. However, its use has seen some life-threatening and adverse side effects. 

Some reasons to stop vaping include:

1. It causes cancer

Vaping increases the chances of getting lung cancer and other forms of cancer that affect the respiratory system. It is more dangerous than traditional cigarettes as it contains almost five times the amount of nicotine.

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E-cigarettes have various flavors and scents that make them easy to smoke, increasing the amount one uses. The ease of consumption makes it more dangerous due to high consumption.

Vaping weakens your respiratory system, making you more susceptible to cancerous cells. It triggers the production of abnormal cells that may not be easily detected, making cancer vicious and hard to treat. You may want to stay away from E-cigarettes to ensure you safeguard yourself from the diseases.

2. Lowers immunity

Vaping turns aerosolizes juice into vapor and may contain oil, toxic chemicals, and other toxins that, when inhaled, modifies the immune system. The process may be slow, but it changes your immune system, making it weak over time.

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Low immunity exposes us to diseases and reduces our capability to fight them; hence we become more susceptible to illness. Thus, we need to know that the continual intake of e-cigarettes can lead to death as it increases our bodies’ toxic levels.

Due to the variety of flavors and scents, vaping entices many young people who find it a better alternative to cigarettes. However, the continual use will leave you with low immunity that cannot protect you from severe illnesses.

3. Addictive

Vaping involves nicotine intake that is highly addictive and hard to wean from your system. It can cause you to start using traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products simultaneously to satisfy the urge.

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Many young people fall for the act of vaping due to the enticing sweet names used for packaging and advertising. Most people find it enticing and don’t realize until they are too deep and find it hard to go a day without a smoke.

The adverse effects of addiction also kick in as people channel resources to feed their habits. Some individuals exude withdrawal behavior without the puff that makes it difficult for them to function correctly.

4. May cause accidents

E-cigarettes can cause explosive accidents. When faulty or not adequately charged, the E-cigarettes could explode on your face causing severe injuries.

VAPESPLOSIONSSource: Shutterstock

Vaping can be a dangerous activity, especially for beginners, as mishandling of the device can lead to fatal accidents that may leave one with broken jaws and a lacerated face. In some incidents, it can lead to death in what is now termed vapesplosions.

5. Lung damage

The lungs are responsible for breathing as they take air in and out. Damaged lungs hinder the normal process of air movement and can lead to reduced activity and general fatigue.

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Vaping may also cause severe lung damage or make them prone to fatal lung cancer. Numerous people struggle to get functional lungs to keep them alive; it is not fair to damage your own purposefully. Medical bills to repair damaged lungs are also high and may eat into your finances and cripple your financial ability.

6. Make you prone to heart disease

Nicotine causes various symptoms that may lead to heart disease, such as high blood pressure, thickened arterial walls, slow blood flow, and increased heart rate. All of these open doors to a heart attack. Continual use of this product can thus lead to stroke and avoidable seizures.

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Heart diseases may not be easily detected and take time to manifest their symptoms. However, they are also the worst diseases as they reduce the blood flow and your body’s overall functionality. Heart disease also causes death faster; thus, smoking nicotine may reduce your lifespan by half.

7. It may not help with quitting smoking

Most people who indulge in vaping do it as a way to quit smoking. However, research has shown that people who use vapers still have urges to use cigarettes and other tobacco products. This experience means that they are exposing themselves to other smoking mechanisms rather than stopping.

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Vaping contains nicotine that is highly addictive, explaining why it is hard to quit. Vaping amounts are also higher than regular cigarettes. Furthermore, they may have higher amounts of nicotine that make it hard for you to stop but plunge you deeper into a repeat cycle.

Vaping is not a lesser evil to smoking regular cigarettes. It is best to stop immediately to ensure you reduce your risk of lung damage and cancer. You can start by finding alternative ways to unwind that does not include vaping to catch up and have fun.

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