8 Reasons Why You Should Eat Less Meat

Eating less or even no more meat, you hear it more and more. But why are so many people following this trend? Here are 8 reasons why you should eat less meat.

People who don’t eat meat are called vegetarians. There are also people who eat meat now and then, these are flexitarians. A well-known reason that more and more people choose this is animal welfare lifestyle. They find it pathetic that for the piece of meat on their plate, an animal has given its life. However, there are many other reasons why eating less meat is a good idea! 

It’s Cheaper

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You save a lot of money by eating less meat. After all, vegetables are cheaper than meat. If you eat less meat, it is more important to eat more beans, nuts, legumes and lentils. They cost less and can also be super tasty!

It Makes You Grow Old Happier

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Eating less meat reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. You get sick less quickly and are happier and older!

Per Week You Save Up To 130 Liters Of Water

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If you don’t eat meat for one week, you save about 130 liters of water. That amount of water would otherwise have been used for irrigation and production of the steak on your plate. 

It Is Better For The Environment

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By consuming less meat you save up to 13kg of CO2 per week, better known as greenhouse gas emissions. These emissions come from the production of animal food, animal husbandry, meat packaging and preparation. This amounts to about 76km by car per week!

You Become Part Of a Special Community

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Many people who eat vegetarian food quickly have a good bond. There is in fact an important interface when it comes to food! Also many celebrities like Adele, Miley Cyrus and Bruce Springsteen don’t eat meat or eat less.

It Contributes To a Healthy Lifestyle

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Eating less meat means eating more vegetables. That’s good for you! Vegetable proteins are a good support for your muscles. They also give you a lot of energy. For these reasons, many top athletes swear by a vegetarian diet! 

You Will Discover Many Tasty Recipes

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Vegetarian food boring? Definitely not! There are a lot of good and tasty substitutes and options. Think vegaburgers, pasta, curry, lasagna, pizza, salads, tacos and much more! 

It Makes You Happy

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Eating less meat is good for people, animals and the environment. It saves money. It is good for your health and you contribute less and less to animal suffering. You also save water and reduce CO2 emissions. It is also very tasty! Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

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