About us

Daily-goals.com is a platform for high achievers who daily strive to improve certain aspects of life. We provide readers with daily practical advice to inspire them in the pursuit of personal development.

Experiencing progression, we see as a fundamental human need. In doing so, we believe that striving for and ultimately achieving improvements in your life is the most important factor for a better, happier and more meaningful life.

We aim to inspire, motivate and facilitate personal growth, with the result that everyone who directly or indirectly connects with our brand can realize positive behavioral change within themselves and/or others.

Striving for improvement can, of course, be done in any aspect of life. That’s why the content shared on Daily-goals.com differs from topics like financial success, spiritual reminders, quotes to simply practical life hacks.

Our values


We believe that discipline, commitment and setting clear goals are important in the process of achieving positive behavioral change. In addition, passion is a crucial factor in order to be able to stay committed to your goals. Therefore, we aspire to motivate a goal-oriented attitude within our brand and everyone who connects with it.


The first step within personal development is to get inspired to improve. Accordingly, we desire to get inspired and to inspire others to work on their personal development on a daily basis.

Self-knowledge (Personal growth)

In order to be able to improve yourself, you need to know yourself. We believe that vulnerability is of high significance in the process of discovering one’s true self. Ultimately, we all want to achieve inner peace. Self-knowledge is an important puzzle piece in this progress. With our brand, we want to support people in this progress.

Knowledge (Expertise)

Knowledge is one of the key factors to achieve anything you ever dreamt of. By offering people the right knowledge and tools, we desire to support their personal growth journey and help them reach their goals.


Freedom to work from wherever you want, when you want and to be flexible are of great importance to us. We believe that by taking responsibility and setting goals, this freedom can be achieved.

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