Dating and COVID-19: How to Stay Safe While Finding Love

COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into many social gatherings. Instead of a world where you could find love at parties, concerts, and big gatherings, we’re stuck in a world where we’re forced to find love on a much smaller scale.

We know it can be tough to date during a pandemic. If you’re dipping your feet in the dating pool, here are a few things to remember.

Dating Apps

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Some people love dating apps. Some people hate dating apps. During this time, they can be your best friend. Dating apps create a safe place to look for love. It might sound cheesy, but you get to pick and choose on a dating app.

You can take the time to really look into people. Take the time to talk to people online or on the phone before you meet them in person. This will help you know them on a deeper level without any physical connection. There are numerous dating apps available. Play on a few different ones. This is your chance to have a great excuse to be picky.

Virtual Dates

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You’ve met your match on your dating app, now what? There’s only so much talking you can do via the app and phone. How about a virtual date?

It’s unconventional and might feel a little awkward, especially if you’re doing it the first time. But it’s best to go on a virtual date rather than see each other in person and risk getting exposed to the virus.

If you’ve been on a Zoom meeting or FaceTime chat, you know the quality is nothing like being in person. It’s okay to get to know one another this way. You can virtually date from the comfort of your home, or go somewhere you could keep a distance. Perhaps visit your favorite park, take a picnic basket, and enjoy the afternoon sun showing your significant other your surroundings.

You can actually gauge your chemistry quite well on a virtual phone call. This allows you to date in a low-risk setting before diving into the deep waters.

Don’t Force It

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The pandemic shouldn’t be a time to force love. You might feel lonely in quarantine, but it isn’t a time to just throw caution to the wind. Sometimes you also just need a break from a dating app. If these apps don’t fit into your life at this time or you aren’t feeling it, don’t force it.

Remember that finding your partner in life isn’t an assignment. It might seem like we have more time in isolation to tend to our dating apps, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Your energy might be going a million different places. You might be stressed over the pandemic or trying to check on all of your family members whenever you have free time. This isn’t the best time for everyone without a partner to try to rope one.

Get Outside

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Take your date outdoors. Have a picnic sitting across from one another, take a bike ride, or go on a hike. Show off your adventurous side. Germs can still travel outside, but ventilated areas are better than stuffy places without airflow. If you need to see one another in person, it’s more fun out anyway. Don’t forget to wear masks to take extra caution outdoors. It’ll be fun and fresh to get some air and feel the wind blowing through your hair together.

Put Your Comfort Level Out There

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Be upfront about your caution level to any potential mates. If you’re serious about staying home and not physically seeing anyone or going anywhere, they need to know this.

If you’re open to hanging out six feet apart, go ahead and tell them. You don’t want to date someone that’s going out with friends every weekend when you’re extremely cautious. If you’re both on the same wavelength, you’ll respect and understand one another. There is no right or wrong answer, but each person might have a different opinion regarding their risk tolerance and safety.

Feel The Chemistry

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Dating via Facetime and Zoom can get tough on some people. Some may want to meet in real life immediately. Before doing so, consider measuring your chemistry through chat.

If you feel totally comfortable in the times of silence, you may have met your match. Be honest with them along the way. You’ll feel if they understand you. The other person might be thinking the same way as you. They might be scared to death that they have no idea how to proceed from here. If you feel the chemistry, be open and honest about your thoughts. Don’t waste your time if the other person is a dud and just doesn’t match with you.

Don’t Ignore the Elephant in the Room

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Finding a mate through apps and talking on the phone is often done with a lot of surface talk. There aren’t many people that like to dive into the serious stuff at the beginning.

You might wonder if it’s okay to bring up the pandemic. You don’t have to go into someone’s conspiracy theory or where it came from, but you can absolutely talk about it.

Ask how it affects their life and how they’re handling it. It’s okay to bring it up but don’t dwell on the topic for too long. This provides an easy way to see how this person handles a crisis. In reality, a relationship is never all sunshine and rainbows. You get a glimpse into how they handle the waves in life.

Go Old School Thinking

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Many of our grandparents or great grandparents didn’t see one another for months of dating when they were off at war. Think old school. They had to write letters. Some of our parents and grandparents lived in different cities. They had to call one another.

The sheer horror of not having technology at our fingertips is scary to some people. Calling people and writing are still great options. They might sound archaic, but you’ll find a lot of romance in a written letter.

Social Distance Date

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You probably still go to lunch with a friend or drink on your patio with a neighbor during the pandemic. You can technically still date. The catch is that you need to stay six feet away to have a safe distance from each other.

The excitement of your first kiss and holding hands isn’t safe. Some people refuse to follow these “rules.” They would rather not date than enjoy talking instead of kissing. You can have social distance dates like you’re in eighth grade. It’s a little awkward, but you can get to know the person without wondering when they’ll make the first move.

Always Take Precaution

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The truth of the matter about dating or doing anything socially during this time is that nothing contains zero risk. Going on a date with someone, even if you sit six feet away, doesn’t mean you’re totally safe from this virus. It could also mean you’re just fine and you go home happy and healthy. It’s always a gamble. Be as safe as possible when you’re dating at this time. Don’t jump into anything headfirst. You can have fun, but realize there is no way to date without any risk at all.

Overall, dating amidst COVID-19 could work. You may think it’s impossible to find love during a pandemic, but fate has its ways. You might not be able to meet your significant other at a huge concert or big parade. But you can meet and even date them safely if you follow precautionary measures.

Don’t let this pandemic control your life, but stay as safe as possible. If you learn to balance this thought with dating, you will be just fine.

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