Do You Have an Introverted Personality?

Our personalities make up our individual differences that influence our way of thinking, feeling, and behaviors. One common personality type that many people talk about is an Introvert. Did you know that according to the Myers-Briggs organization, introverts made up 50.7% of the general population in 2019? Introverts are individuals more concerned with their own inner thoughts and feelings rather than what’s going on in the external world. With that said, you may be wondering if you have an introverted personality. Read these signs to find out.

1. You enjoy alone time

For introverts, embarking in some alone time isn’t just enjoyable, it’s necessary. Most introverts get their enjoyment from spending time alone whether it’s just to read a book or watch a movie.

Some people need constant interaction with others to feel that their day is worth-while. Introverts, on the other hand, enjoy peace and quiet without the disruption of others.

2. You prefer not to be the center of attention

Attention-seeking isn’t a personality trait of an introvert. It’s not that they’re shy but that they prefer to remain in the background, observing their environment. In fact, the idea of being the center of attention can be nerve-wracking for an introverted individual.

Rather than seeking attention, introverts spend their time people-watching. This is why most introverts are very analytical.

3. Writing your thoughts is easier than speaking it aloud

Everyone articulates themselves in different ways. For introverts, in particular, they are more reserved and find it easier to write out their thoughts rather than speaking it aloud.

It can be difficult for an introvert to verbally express what they’re feeling or thinking, especially since they spend a lot of time living in their head. You will find that introverts find comfort in writing it all out vs calling a friend on the phone to talk about things.

One of the reasons for this has to do with how an introvert’s brain is wired. In comparison to an extrovert, an introverted individual prefers to use the parasympathetic side of their nervous system. An extrovert, on the other hand, is stimulated by the sympathetic (fight or flight response) of the nervous system. This is why it makes sense that extroverts prefer my social situations where they can talk to people, whereas, introverts do not invite this kind of overstimulation.

4. Too much socializing means it’s time to shut down

One thing that a lot of people get wrong about introverts is socialization. Many people assume that introverts don’t like to socialize or have a hard time socializing. However, this is not the case. For the most part, introverts need to shut-down to detox their sensitive system. This is because introverts are already overstimulated mentally because they spend so much time in their own head.

Introverts enjoy socializing as much as the next person. With that said, introverts need to have periods where they can relax and close themselves off after they’ve engaged in a social setting for too long. It is an introvert’s way of recharging. Introverts thrive the best when they get to have their well-needed alone time.

5. You keep a small circle of friends

Talk to an introvert and you will find that they keep a relatively small circle of friends around them. Introverts don’t need a lot of socialization to get by and they prefer to keep a smaller group of people around them that they can trust.

Instead of going out with a group including a lot of people, you will find that an introvert prefers more meaningful interactions with just a small number of people.


If you’re still wondering whether you have an introverted personality, here’s a quick checklist for reference. This can help you see where you fall on the introverted spectrum.

  • You are reserved
  • Most people consider you to be calm
  • You spend a great deal of time reflecting
  • You think before you speak
  • While you don’t mind social settings, you welcome solitude
  • You’ve mastered the art of observation
  • You are in touch with your feelings because you are a master of your own emotions

Our personalities are a big part of who we are. Often times, introverts are misunderstood. Many people believe that people with this personality trait are shy and spend their life in a shell. However, introverts are reserved beings who need a balance of social encounters and alone time. Additionally, they prefer to observe rather than be among the crowd.

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