Finding Balance Between Your Career and Personal Life

For many people, the concept of having a work/life balance seems like an impossible feat. However, anything is possible. The key is to decide to make the change. While there are tons of motivational experts who will say it’s impossible, consider the following ways you can actively find the balance between your career and your personal life.

1. Take time off

If you’re in a position where you actively work seven days a week, you’re going to run yourself ragged. If this is your norm because you have to provide for your family, it’s imperative that you create a plan to develop passive income streams that can relieve you from working seven days a week. Whether you start an online reselling side hustle or put aside more money in savings, don’t burn the candle at both ends by working 24-7.

Take at least one day off every week to get away from working. Some people observe a Sabbath where they don’t work for 24 hours. Studies show how beneficial a sabbatical can be for mental health. In addition to taking one or two days off a week, it’s wise to schedule vacation time for yourself. During the summer months, take a trip to another country for a week or two. Whether you do this once a month or once every two months, hop on a plane, train or bus to enjoy a weekend getaway. When you’re able to get a change of pace in your routine, it’s a great way to reset your mind and invest in your personal well-being.

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2. Exercise consistently

When it’s time to get on that elliptical machine, go for a jog in the neighborhood or lift some weights, you have to give those exercises your full attention. There’s no way you can get work done while you’re on the treadmill. If you’re trying to get work done while you’re in the gym, you’re not getting a great workout. Knowing this, exercise is an excellent way to get a reprieve from work, clear your head and maintain a healthy body. Exercise allows you to release endorphins, which will help to boost your mood. Exercise is also effective because it’s one thing that you can do every day to prioritize your own self-care. If you’re spending long hours at a desk for work, it’s really easy to gain weight and struggle with circulation issues. When you exercise regularly, you’ll give your body the chance it deserves to be strong and healthy.

3. Create a solid boundary for access

You get to set the tone for how you’d like to interact with your co-workers, boss and clients after business hours. This is why it’s best to cut off your work access when you’re off the clock. Unless you need to take an emergency meeting, don’t take work home or communicate with your colleagues regarding work outside of the office.

“When you’re at work, you need to maximize that time to focus on getting things done.”

Alternatively, the same rule applies to your family and friends. Unless something is wrong with a family member and it’s urgent, don’t take calls or entertain side conversations while you’re at work. When you’re at work, you need to maximize that time to focus on getting things done. This one tip will also help you to remain present. When you’re focused on where you are, you’re able to absorb the moments and be more effective.

4. Develop goals

Develop goals for your personal life and your professional life. When you set different goals and focus on achieving them, it’ll help you in your effort to find balance. A great example involves creating a work goal to secure a few more clients each month. To secure more clients, you’ll have to play a numbers game in order to create more connections. This takes focus, and allows you to work more intentionally within your career. If you’re just showing up to work without a real sense of drive or desire, it’s going to result in negative experiences for your career path.

As you get older, it’s harder to maintain connections with family members and friends. Set a goal of sending a hand-written card, text message or gift card to a few people in your life who you haven’t seen in a while. Send care packages once or twice a month to a number of people you love. Set (and keep) dates with friends and family members. Though it might feel like work at first, it’s so important to surround yourself with the love of people who matter.

In the video you below, you’ll find useful tips on how to set goals:

Balance is the key

If you take a look at many successful people who are at the top of their respective careers, it’s not uncommon to discover that their personal lives are in shambles. This often happens when people don’t put priorities in their proper places. If you’re not intentional with the way you prioritize your schedule, you’ll naturally fail at something. However, when you’re realistic with what you can do and stick to a specific routine, you’ll be able to find the delicate balance between your career and your personal life.

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