Four Phases of Personal Development

The circle of self-development represents a process in which you can develop yourself physically and mentally. It helps in the pursuit of personal growth by highlighting and acknowledging certain skills and talents in order to train yourself further in this process and thus to feel better about yourself and live happier. 

Personal development starts with discovering yourself. You will first have to find out what you want and where you want to go with your life in order to be able to work on anything at all. By discovering yourself and getting to know yourself better, you get a deep-rooted sense of who you are and why you live, what your inner character is and what you need to feel good. During this voyage of discovery you develop personal norms and values in your life. It gives you perspective on your interests, dreams, and the potential you carry within you. Discovering by itself takes time. Time in which you think about yourself and what you want to achieve. Time for you to think about the person you want to become.

Source: Cap 2 Cap

After you have found out who you would like to be and what you live for, you begin to work on your own development process by expanding your current skills and key strengths. Here, first of all, you ask for information about your skills and talents. It is a period in which you look critically at what you can do and judge yourself on it. Because of this, your self-knowledge grows. This self-knowledge, in turn, is the basis of seeing where your strengths lie and in which areas you can get started. It actually indicates what you have to do to start the real self-development. 

The mastering part is the understanding, recognition and control to get the most out of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. You develop this through awareness and understanding, the control over your thoughts, emotions and actions. As your performance grows, so does your control of certain skills and strengths. As your skills improve, you achieve more and your self-confidence grows. A stronger confidence in yourself and what you can do gives peace and security in life. It makes you happy. 

Finally, you reach the actualization phase of the process. You reach your full potential. Enough is enough. Now there is the balance of knowing that you are in your place and that you can be content without having to rush for more and more. At the same time there are always (other) aspects in which you will continue to develop and will have to continue to develop. So feel free to start the process again.

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