How to Achieve Holistic Health While Quarantined

Before finding themselves in extended quarantine, many people wished for the day when they’d have a chance to read and reread their favorite books, pursue new hobbies, immerse themselves in journal writing, and flex their cooking and baking skills. Sadly, however, world events and a pervasive sense of impending doom have left countless individuals unable to focus and a lackluster approach to ensuring optimum health. 

The good news is there is you could make quarantine work for you, rather than against you. This wholly unexpected and unprecedented development is your chance to achieve holistic health through natural life habits and a fresh, positive mindset. Read on to discover how.

Take a Break From the Internet

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The biggest health mistake that nearly every person in quarantine is making is spending too much time on the Internet. This would be far less problematic if people were going online to learn new skills, explore different forms of art, and better themselves. Instead, most web users are driven by their fear of missing out (FOMO) on the latest world events. 

Things have changed throughout quarantine at such a rapid pace, and life as we once knew it has evolved so significantly that falling behind on current news can seem downright foolhardy. 

 In reality, however, too much news can leave anyone with “information overload.” This is exposure to more data than you can mentally and emotionally process at one time. 

Turn your computer and your phone off throughout the day. When you start spending less time on the web, you’ll likely find yourself less fearful, less stressed, and less in need of information that comes in short, digestible bytes. 

Your focus will improve, and your sleep will be deeper and better. You’ll also have more time to start proactively pursuing holistic health in other ways.

Don’t Eat It Unless You Made It

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Food delivery services have certainly fared well throughout quarantine. While nearly everything has been closed, fast food restaurants have remained open for business. Third-party drivers have helped bring high-fat, high-sodium, sugar-laden meals to consumers all throughout the developed world. Worse still, most people have been relying on this fare to help boost their spirits. 

Large amounts of salt, sugar, and fat could release dopamine, providing a few “feel-good” moments after a junk food binge. As such, foods that contain these combinations in excess can actually be quite addictive.

Make cooking your own meals and snacks a priority. Take advantage of your free time to learn how to make your own bread, create your own salsa, and avoid processed, pre-packaged, and all other ready-made foods entirely. Focusing on consuming foods comprised of fresh, recognizable ingredients will allow you to get far more nutritional benefits from what you eat. You’ll have more energy, feel more confident, and suffer far less from both depression and dramatic mood swings.

Establish a Bedtime Routine

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One major drawback of being in quarantine is that it naturally upsets many of the routines that individuals and families are used to maintaining. Even if you’re still working at home, not having to fight your way through commute traffic probably means that you can stay up later and sleep in. 

Many children who are learning virtually rather than in classrooms are also binge-watching TV. They are using their tablets and mobile phones to play video games during hours that were once reserved for sleep.

Although things are far different from what they once were, routines are still important. This is especially true of bedtime routines. If you’re having a hard time sleeping, set a time for turning all digital devices off. Plan on having a hot shower or bath before hitting the sheets, dim your lights, and engage in light reading. Establishing a bedtime routine will make it easier to drift off each night, even when the world around you remains hectic and unpredictable. Given its tremendous importance to your well-being, good sleep hygiene is a cornerstone of holistic health.

Make Stress Management Your Top Priority

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Limiting your Internet use and the amount of news you take each day are important for reducing stress. At a time like this, however, limitation is not sufficient on its own. Everyone should be making stress management a top priority. To start, try to avoid worrying about what might be, and commit to simply dealing with what already is. 

Engage in activities that require single-minded focus. This could be walking on your treadmill, gardening, Pilates, or even deep, diaphragmatic breathing. Start keeping a journal. Join an online support group. The more that you do to put your mind at ease, the better your health will become. 

Stress destroys both physical and mental health. Learning how to get rid of it, prevent it, and manage it, are all things that will improve your well-being and your overall life quality.

Design and Implement an At-Home Personal Development Plan

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Efforts in self-improvement are a good reminder that life goes on. Everything that you do to increase your skills, build your strength, and polish the abilities that you already have will serve as positive affirmations of better times to come.

This is a great time to learn a new language, take online courses, clean out your closets or desk, rewrite your budget and savings plan, and teach yourself how to play an instrument. Ongoing learning and self-betterment are also excellent forms of stress management.

Make Every Day A Spa Day

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You can do countless things to both improve your health and alleviate the stress of being in quarantine. Plan a short, immersive spa experience for each day that you spend at home. Search for different detox baths you can indulge in, break out your aromatherapy supplies, and learn how to mix up fresh, invigorating detox drinks. 

Practice Mindfulness

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Start living in the moment. This is the best skill that anyone can learn during this time. Right now is all that you have to deal with. More importantly, right now is precious. 

Savor your food as you chew it, relish the moments that you have with your loved ones at home. Appreciate each hour that you have away from stop-and-go traffic on the freeway. As you start living in the moment, you’ll gradually become free of regrets about the past and free of fear concerning possible future events.

Embrace Old-Fashioned Communication Strategies

Social interaction is just as important for achieving holistic health as good sleep hygiene, and healthy eating are. Although you can’t exactly meet up with all your friends at a local restaurant or pub for happy hour, you can still communicate in ways that are uplifting and rewarding. 

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Letter writing is a lost art and one that can provide a wealth of benefits. Unlike texting and sending emails, writing letters encourages people to really think about what they want to say and add creative flourishes and details. It is an imaginative, relaxing, and incredibly cathartic experience overall.

For most, quarantining is far from pleasant. However, if you’ve ever wanted to achieve holistic health, this is the perfect opportunity. With more time on your hands and an increased need for balance, stress management, and good living, you can begin implementing habits to both promote peace and optimize your well-being. 

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