How to Develop a Positive Mindset

The human mind and its emotions are frightening and complicated. Our mindset affects everything that we do. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep our self-esteem high, even if we are doing something we love. While many people struggle to be positive for various reasons, there are ways to pull back the curtain of negativity enough to succeed.

1. Remember to Go Outside

Studies have shown that going for a walk in the forest improves our overall well-being; it reduces activity in the prefrontal cortex, which focuses on negative thoughts. When we take time off to sit in the grass, it’s healing us more than we know. Go outside and bask in the sun; remember, you are a plant with complicated emotions!

2. Organize Your Workspace

Some people think a messy desk is a sign of intelligence. Though in many cases that might be true, a messy desk can also reflect an unsettled state of mind. An anxiety attack can be triggered by forgetting where the stapler is, or a wastebasket being overturned.

organize your workspace for a positive mindsetSource: Shutterstock

When your desk is neat, it’s easier to get work done without distraction; you’ll approach your project with a positive mindset when the chaos is put away!

3. Dress the Part

If you work from home, chances are you spend a lot of time in pajamas. While there’s nothing wrong with a pajama day, it’s worth dressing up during work hours. If you put yourself together to write that article or make that phone call, you might feel more up to the task. Avoid doing work in bed, as well; your mind associates bed with sleep, so if you try to complete an essay under the covers, you might find yourself nodding off.

4. Keep a Journal

Journals are proven powerful tools to help purge worries from our minds. You can choose when to write in your journal—early in the morning with coffee or at night before sleep.

journal writing for positivitySource: Shutterstock

Take those negative thoughts that have been stalling you during the day and capture them in ink.

5. Have Role Models

We all need someone we can look up to. Seeing how far they made it could give you hope that you can reach your goals, too. However, we should only treat them as people to inspire us and NOT become them. That would be unhelpful and create a negative mindset. 

We should instead learn from their strength and daring. If they made it to the top of the mountain, what’s stopping you from attempting the climb?

6. Get Enough Sleep

Everyone knows we should get enough sleep, but not many take action towards a better sleep schedule. Identify what is keeping you awake and tackle the problem. The solution can be simple as writing in your journal or removing unneeded blankets from your bed. Improve your resting hours using guidelines like these.

We are living in difficult times. We must make a conscious effort to fight the negativity around us. Do you want to succeed in business? Maybe you want to make your days better? Some tweaks to your lifestyle can help you develop and maintain the positive mindset you need.

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