How to Make a New Year’s Resolution and Keep It

Most people are ready for this year to be over so they can start fresh. You may plan to start running, quit smoking, live life to the fullest, or write in your journey every day. Sometimes it’s tough to make these resolutions stick. We’ve got a few ways to help you take charge of your New Year’s resolutions.

Make It Achievable

It’s true that you can do anything you set your mind to, but make sure you’ll actually try to achieve your goal. If you plan to run a marathon but hate running, it might not be the best resolution for you. It’s also essential that your resolution not take over your life. If you plan to eat better and start hassling everyone around you about their food selections, you may be in over your head.

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Choose a resolution that you know you can do. It may take baby steps to achieve but go for something that is within reach. It’s okay to dream big, but don’t try to do things like saving $500 a month if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Make It Relevant

You have to care about your resolutions to achieve them. Make your resolutions for the right reasons. If you make a resolution because you’re mad at yourself for overeating or have a strong passion for something in the moment, the feeling will probably recede. If you build up a process in your mind where you’re thinking about your resolution and care about it, you’ll change your life structure for it.

Take Baby Steps

Some resolutions can not happen in a day. If you want to change the way you think or do things, it will take time. It’s about taking baby steps towards your goals. If you try to run towards that goal without thinking and planning, you’ll fail. Make a list if it helps you. If you want to exercise four days a week, plan it out.

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Check the box as you get things done. It’s about breaking down the big picture into small pictures that get you to that big picture.

Commit To It

Commit yourself to your goals. Decide you are going to do this resolution and don’t quit. Some days will be tough. You may forget to journal or you may eat a huge ice cream sundae. Remember, it’s okay. 

Commit yourself to get back on the horse when you fall off. Write yourself a note of accountability, so you see the resolution in writing. When you don’t feel like following your resolution that day, remember why you chose it.

Reward Yourself

You don’t have to wait until you’ve reached your goals to reward yourself. As you go through each day conquering your resolution, reward yourself. Buy yourself something special. Have a special snack.

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Do things that help keep you on track by giving yourself positive feedback. You can even join an online support group that helps you reward yourself each step of the way.

Make It Measurable

It may seem obvious, but it’s important you can measure your success. Keep track of it as you go. If you want to stop doing something like biting your nails or eating late at night, keep yourself accountable every time you slip up.

If you’re going to lose weight, keep track of your weight loss. If you want to do more charitable deeds, write the things you do down. You’ll start to see the tiny changes along the way. When you take the time to log the process, you stay on top of the resolution.

Don’t Try To Be Perfect

Rome wasn’t built in a day. You know that old saying, so think about it. 

Think about the journey instead of the goal. Don’t try to be perfect in every step. You’re going to be a winner if you finish this resolution.

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If you want to run a marathon, you may end up walking some of it. That is just fine. If you want to be a nicer person, there may be days where you don’t feel so friendly. Just remember that you don’t need to be perfect every day to reach your goals. 

If you fail one day, commit to doing better the next day.

New Year’s resolutions can be scary. You start with vigor then begin to back down when the going gets tough. Remember why you made the resolution and march forward. You can do it if you take it each day at a time. A better you is just around the corner.

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