Psychology Explains Why Blunt People Make The Best Friends

We all know someone who’s extremely direct, you might even call it blunt. And we probably all have such a blunt friend in our inner circle. The friend who dares to say the truth. The friend who doesn’t sugar-coat things but gives you the “tough love” you really need. And tell me honestly, what’s the use of nicely wrapped up lies? Wouldn’t you rather just hear the truth?

So while we’re always trying to show the best version of ourselves. Maybe disguise our real opinion a little so we don’t bump heads with anybody. The answer: make direct and blunt people your best friend. 

Yeah, you read that right! Research has shown that direct people make better friends than people who are a little less direct and blunt. Underneath we have listed 5 reasons to explain exactly how this works.

1. They Say What’s Really going On

You know, when you ask a friend for advice, but you’re not really ready to hear the truth? Maybe in such a situation you go to the friend who always responds very “correctly” and is not so direct.

But if you really want to solve the situation you’re in, you’d better go to that more direct friend. They will always be honest with you, even if you don’t really want to hear it. According to William B. Brashaw, this is because they want to help you resolve the situation, sometimes you have to start with the sensitive and underlying reasons.

A blunt but direct friend does not lie to you to spare your feelings. So you know exactly where you stand. This also means that there is less uncertainty in your friendship. You know that when your blunt friend tells you something, it is at least the truth.

2. You Know They Really Want To Be Your Friend

The great thing about close friends is that they don’t do fake friendships. They feel no need to lie about who they like and dislike.

A direct person immediately lets you know whether they like you or not. So when they decide to be your friend, you never have to wonder if the friendship is real. They want to be your friend and they are willing to build an honest and strong foundation for a close friendship.

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3. They Motivate You to Become a Better Version of Yourself

Besides direct friends telling you the truth and knowing that they are your buddy, these friendships often go beyond an evening out or a movie.

These friends help you reflect on yourself. Reflect on what is going well, but also what is going less well. Many friends have trouble with this issue. They may be afraid to hurt you. Or they think you don’t need such feedback.

But the beauty of such honest friendships is that you become a better version of yourself. According to Lifestyle & Business Expert, Chalene Johnson, such people change your life for the better. “You feel more positive, more driven and focused on your priorities.” You want people like that around you, don’t you?

4. It’s Easier For Them to Admit Their Own Mistakes 

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Admitting our mistakes is very difficult for some people. For direct people, on the other hand, it’s a lot easier. This is because they have no problem giving the same feedback back to someone else. So why would they have a problem admitting their own mistakes?

They won’t be afraid to apologize when it’s appropriate.  This saves a lot of useless arguments that you often come across in many relationships. How liberating! 

5. They’re Standing Up For You

A direct person doesn’t let them walk all over him so quickly. And doesn’t accept it when it happens to his friends. So you can expect them to always stand behind you and support you.

They will also be the first to stand up for you when you are being talked about behind your back. They are best friends, because they are not afraid to go through fire for you.

We all need friends and family to maintain a healthy social life. And not one friend is the same.

If you look at your own circle, you will undoubtedly notice that you have formed different kinds of friendships and connections with different kinds of people. All those people are important to you in a different way. Just as you are important to them. Just as we need sweet and gentle friends. Do we also need direct, honest ”no sugar-coating” people in our lives.

We need people who are unconditionally behind us. Challenge us to become a better version of ourselves. Fortunately, that direct, but perhaps blunt friend fits that description.

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