Things Successful, Happy People Do Differently

Everyone has the capacity to improve the quality of life they live. Success and happiness is never limited to having material items or money. There are different things that make each of us happy. However, there are some common habits successful and happy people do differently in their life. The following are just a few lifestyle changes one can incorporate to see greater success and experience more happiness:

No Comparisons

Many people find themselves unintentionally comparing themselves to others. Comparisons can and do often include comparing how much money we have to how much money others have. There’s nothing wrong with seeing what others have. However, it’s important that you don’t compare yourself and attach that to your self-worth. Your bank account shouldn’t be what measures your worthiness or level of success. Happy and successful people are competitive with themselves and don’t try to win a battle that no one else is a part of. In such instances, pride and vanity take the driver’s seat. A healthy way to compete is to always try and beat your own personal best. For example, if you made 100 sales last week, you can set a goal to make more than 100 sales this week. By doing this, you stay in your own lane and aren’t as susceptible to feeling discouraged.

The Best Always Counts

Almost everyone can relate to having a “bad” day or a day where they have to try just a tad bit harder to do things. There are 24 hours in the day. Successful, happy people understand that they have to make the most of the time they have during the day. This doesn’t mean that you’ll do as good as you probably did the day prior when you were feeling better. However, you are still keeping some kind of momentum. By doing this, work doesn’t pile up and you can still retain control over your responsibilities. Doing your best simply means being present even when you probably prefer to stay in bed and relax. You’ll feel more relief when you see the results of your consistently.

Take a Break

Successful, happy people make time to decompress. Having goals and being highly driven are both great attributes. However, working too much can lead to mental and physical exhaustion that will negatively impact your quality of work. A break doesn’t have to be a vacation abroad. Breaks can be as simple as doing something relaxing for yourself. This especially applies to parents who find themselves consumed with the duties of parenting. By securing your mental and physical health, you will be able to provide more quality time and energy to your children.

Proper Goal Setting

Everyone has goals. What distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful people is the way successful people set their goals. Having a good goal-setting system is imperative when it comes to accomplishing goals. By setting SMART goals, you’ll see yourself making a lot more progress than you did before. SMART stands for:

  • Specific- Are your goals too vague? Set specific and clear goals.
  • Measurable- Can you measure the progress of your goal? Create milestones.
  • Attainable- Are your goals realistic or unrealistic given the time and context?
  • Relevant- How are your goals relevant in your life? What is the purpose of each of your goals?
  • Time-based- Is your goal doable given the deadline? Do you have enough time to complete your goal by that time frame?

Walking Away

Happy people know when to walk away. Many of us battle confliction whether it be in regards to relocating or leaving a relationship. Remaining stagnant within an unfavorable position only breeds more dissonance. It’s always better to walk away from such matters and maintain your peace of mind. Happy people don’t self-sacrifice to keep unhealthy relationships or a job that they don’t enjoy. Walking away from things that no longer serve you allows you to experience new opportunities that are better for you. Settling with dysfunction or discomfort can build stress, tension, resentment, and animosity.

Gratitude Attitude

In a constantly shifting world, we all have a choice in how we perceive things. For instance, do you tend to see circumstances with a glass half-full or a glass half-empty point of view? Practice gratitude will help you to have a sense of inner peace. Focus on the people and things you are currently grateful for. Gratitude has shown to minimize stress and promote deeper sleep, both very beneficial to your emotional health.

The Power of Now

Successful, happy people do not ruminate and regret their past. These people also do not stress over the future. Happy people dwell in the present and find joy within it. We can not go back and correct the past. Also, stressing over the future won’t make that moment come any faster. So, try to be present and relinquish your concerns to the natural process of life.

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