This Is Why Every Pet Owner Should Have Animal Insurance

In many countries it goes without saying to take out health insurance for ourselves. Mandatory or not. And actually, we don’t know any better. Imagine having an accident, or becoming seriously ill. The hospital costs are nothing to you because of your monthly premium.

However, it is not so obvious to take out an insurance for our pets. While our dog or cat can walk under a car, or get seriously ill.

Minor surgeries at the vet’s can still cough up most people. But does this also apply when the issue is more serious? Unfortunately this is not always the case. Pet owners are not always able to pay that bill. As a result, the animals don’t always get the care they deserve.

Besides the fact that your dear pet deserves the best care of course, we mention below 5 reasons why you should take out a pet insurance. 

1. Save a Lot of Money! 

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When your pet is sick and you take it to the doctor, a consultation will cost on average between 50 and 70 euros. Let’s take the dog as an example. Of course it varies per dog and age, but on average it is takes 2-3 times a year to visit a vet.

However, when there is something more serious going on, think for example an illness, or an accident, your dog may need surgery. Costs for this can be as high as 2000 euro.

These are big piles of money. An amount that not everyone has extra in a sock underneath the bed.

The cost of an animal insurance for your pet depends on several factors such as age, breed, weight and of course the insurance company. But on average an insurance for a dog costs 10 euros a month. For a cat this is already a bit lower.

The vet costs of your dear pet can already be high, especially in case of an emergency. An animal insurance can help you out.

2. Healthier Pets

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An animal insurance ensures that you can afford treatments and vet visits. Because you know you don’t have to cough up every trip to the vet yourself. You’re more likely to seek help for your pet. This ensures that your pet can live the healthy life he deserves.

Veterinary medicine develops at lightning speed. Animals can now be treated for countless diseases and ailments. An animal insurance helps cover costs for treatments that didn’t even exist a while ago.

3. No Difficult Decisions

Every 6 seconds a pet owner has to deal with a vet bill of more than 1,000 euros. A pet owner should not be faced with the choice of whether or not to save the life of their beloved pet just because of their financial situation.

An animal insurance prevents these difficult decisions by covering the costs of most operations and interventions. This can save your pet’s life.

4. Peace of Mind

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Every year, 1 pet in 3 needs emergency surgery. A pet owner should not be in suspense ‘if’ and ‘when’ surgery might be necessary.

On the other hand, we should all be able to enjoy our pets. A pet insurance can give you the peace of mind and safety to ensure that you can give your pet a nice and healthy life.

Adopting a pet was the first step. Making sure they get all the care they need for the rest of their lives, no matter what (financial) situation you are in, is the second step. They will be grateful to you. 

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