Uncover Your Passions: 15 Questions to Ask Yourself to Uncover Your Heart’s Desires

Everything in life is so much more fun if you are passionate about it. When you love your job, it isn’t a struggle to get out of bed in the morning so you can start your day. A relationship with a significant other seems more colorful and fulfilling when you are passionate about your partner. This enhancement in the quality of your life is why passion is so important. 

If you seem lost, or feel as if you lack that fire in your life, you can do something to help you ignite that fire. Here are 15 questions designed to help you discover how to infuse passion into your life.

1. What Are Three Things That I Loved Doing Today?

At first glance, this is a simple question. When you think about it, what you loved about your day might lead you on a journey to uncover why you enjoyed that activity so much. It might also lead you to start thinking about how you can incorporate more of these activities into your life. For example, if you loved going to the animal shelter, you might ask yourself why you enjoy doing it. Use your answers to find out how to further explore what you love.

2. What Do I Want?

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When you ask yourself this question, it is essential to not self-censor by answering with what you “feel” like you should want, or what other people in your life think you want. 

3. If You Didn’t Have to Worry About Failure, What Would You Want?

So many times, people don’t pursue their passion, or what they want, because they fear the disappointment that would accompany the failure of getting that thing. An honest answer to this question at least puts your passion in your sights and makes it real.

4. Who is Doing Something That Captures Your Interest or Imagination?

Chances are, there is someone out there who is doing something, or has a role, that completely grabs your attention. Whether it be the actual job they are performing, or the way they are doing it, there is something about them that is intriguing to you. 

By answering this question, you can find out more about why that person interests you and how that might apply to you.

5. You Are Hiking in a Mystical Forest in Your Mind. You Come to a Crossroads Where There Are Two Signs. What Do They Say?

Some psychologists advise asking yourself this question because your mind already knows your true passion. All you have to do is unlock which path to take to get there. 

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When you answer this question, don’t think about it too much. Just write down what the signs would say.

6. If You Knew You Were Going to Die Tomorrow, What Would You Most Regret Not Doing?

We all believe that we have more time to do whatever it is that we want to do. There’s also the perception that we have more time to figure out what that might be. The truth that we understand, on some level, is that we are not guaranteed any time. When you think about this question, it may help you understand where your heart’s desire is and what you should be trying right now.

7. What’s Stopping You from Finding Your Passion or from Pursuing it?

There are several reasons people might not be in tune with their passion or why they don’t pursue it. Some people are afraid or have a different intangible objection. The idea behind this question is to ask yourself what’s stopping you and then follow up with the why question.

8. What Obstacles Do You Put in Your Way to Finding Your Passion?

Unfortunately, many people are masters at the game of self-sabotage. They sometimes put up barriers to success without even knowing it. 

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When you ask yourself this question, be brutally honest with how you stop yourself from finding and pursuing your passions.

9. Once You’ve Discovered Your Life’s Passion, What Will You Do?

In a way, this is a great question to ask because it pulls back the curtain on the things you might be putting off. This scenario that you paint of your perfect life reveals that you know the end goal, but you may not know how to get there. 

10. If You Could Have a Secret Message Broadcasted to You Multiple Times a Day That Would Help You Achieve Your Goals, What Would It Be?

The answer to this question is an excellent way for people to discover a way to overcome an obstacle or objection they’ve put in the way of finding their passion and following it.

11. What Are a Few Things You Hate Doing at Work?

This nuts and bolts question gets people to think about what doesn’t inspire them in their current career. The answer might be a lot of time spent at a desk or the inability to be creative. It can help someone identify a career that they may enjoy more and might be more aligned with their passions.

12. What Kind of Things in Your Life Drain Your Energy?

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Identifying what types of things drains your willpower might help you realize what gives you strength and energy. It also enables you to figure out which kinds of people, situations, and jobs to avoid.

13. If You Could Be an Expert in Any One Thing, What Would it Be and Why?

The thing you want to be an expert in could very well be your passion. It could lead you to ask all the other questions that might clear the path to finally making that passion a reality.

14. What Happens in My Daydreams?

We often daydream about things that we’d love to be able to do. The answer to unlocking your passion might be in those same daydreams.

15. What Kind of Activities Make Me Lose Track of Time

Have you ever felt like time flew by when you were doing something? That often happens when we are having fun. Asking yourself what kind of activities you do that cause time to fly may lead you to your passion.

Keep Doing the Hard Work

Finding your passion in life might require you to ask yourself some hard questions and deal with answers that you might not like about your current life. Doing this hard work and being brutally honest with yourself is the best way to find those things that you are passionate about. 

None of us are guaranteed anything but the moment we are living in. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy as much of the time on this Earth as we can. 

Start the process of discovering your passion today, and don’t waste any more time, not maximizing the happiness you can have while you are here.

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