Why Family Ties Are So Important

For many people, ‘family’ is a word that represents safety, happiness and joy. It also represents love. For others, ‘family’ is a word that’s associated with a world of pain. Depending on where you fall on the spectrum, you may or may not view family ties as important. However, consider the reasons why they are, and why you’ll want to develop them.

1. Self-esteem

There’s nothing like knowing where you come from. There’s also nothing like feeling a strong sense of belonging. Take a look at the countless sororities and fraternities with dangerous hazing practices. One of the reasons why many are able to maintain dangerous hazing practices is because people crave belonging for self-esteem purposes. If your family ties are intact, this can have a direct impact on the way you feel about yourself.

2. Help

When people come together, they’re a lot stronger than they are apart. No man is an island. There will be times when a person is down on their luck, and they need some extra help. There are other times when a person just needs a helping hand. If a couple has a baby, it’s not uncommon for grandparents, cousins and siblings to help out during the transition. If a child is graduating from high school and needs some extra resources to get to college, the family village can chip in to help pay for books, flights or other tangible goods.

3. Medical History

Your medical history matters. Even if you get lots of rest, eat the right foods and drink lots of water, there’s no telling what’s in your genetics if you don’t do the research. Family ties are important because if you are prone to depression because of genetics, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of why you feel the way you do. If breast cancer runs on one side of the family, early detection is important in order to beat the disease if it ever comes to your doorstep.

Whenever it’s time to visit your primary care physician, they’ll typically give you forms to fill out. One of those forms involves documenting the family history. If your physician recognizes how important genetics are to your survival and ability to thrive, family ties are clearly essential to cultivate. Even if means that you have to connect over the phone first, family ties can be incredibly useful in keeping you healthy and alive.

4. Love

Even though so many people are fueled by hate, never underestimate the power of love. When a plant gets good treatment and receives kind words on a daily basis, it’s more likely to thrive. Alternatively, if you speak words of hate to a plant, it will eventually wilt and die. If a plant is that sensitive to the power of loving words, the human psyche is as well. Family ties are powerful because they often provide the nurturing safe space that so many people long for. When you’ve had a vulnerable moment or a tough week, it’s nice to connect with a family member who is loving, kind and can speak words of life back into you. Plus, when someone loves you, there’s no better feeling in the world.

5. Togetherness Vs. Loneliness

While solitude can be such a beautiful experience, loneliness is crippling. It’s important to have a strong sense of togetherness with your own family. One of the reasons why so many people feel depressed during the holiday season is because they feel extremely alone. While it’s possible to feel lonely in a crowd, it’s a lot easier to feel good when you’re surrounded by family members who love you.

When people suffer from deep feelings of loneliness, they’re more prone to make bad decisions and cultivate bad relationships out of desperation. Oftentimes, people will do almost anything to fill that empty void. So many people long for a sense of community. When you’re surrounded by a cocoon of family members, it’s going to be harder for a person to step out of line into a terrible relationship. This is because they’re not fueled by a sense of lack. They’re fueled by a strong sense of wholeness.

Don’t Give Up on the Concept of Family

As you contemplate the importance of these components, you’ll realize that family ties can be incredibly impactful. If you have a strained relationship with certain family members, see if it’s possible to find family members that you actually connect well with. If not, it’s also okay to build your own family.

Once you become an adult, you can legally join together with someone you fall in love with through marriage. Marriage and children can give you the fresh start you’re looking for. Don’t give up on the concept of family. The familial experience is really what you make it. Create your own experience that will benefit your life, and fill it with love.

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