Why People Like Leaders With a Sense of Humor

With big decisions to make and a ton of responsibilities, leaders in today’s organizations are always under stress. It’s not fun to be in these roles at times, but there seems to be one equalizer to it all, a great sense of humor. 

Leaders that can see the positive in every situation and take a minute to have a good laugh often get outstanding results. 

Laughter Increases Productivity

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Employees who are happy at work tend to be more productive and engaged. Many studies show laughter increases productivity and reduces stress. 

As a leader, you set the tone of the day. Many prefer to work in a culture that appreciates the emotional needs of its employees. Humor creates an upbeat atmosphere and encourages interaction among each other. 

People Want to Work for Positive Leaders

The majority of the battle in a leadership role is getting people to like you. We all spend more than one-third of our time at work, and it shouldn’t feel like a death march for you and your team members.

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Light and professional humor is a great way to influence others and get them to perform at their best. Your team will likely stay employed at organizations longer when they have a good relationship with you. 

People Trust Funny Leaders

If your team can get a real sense of your leadership style, they are more likely to believe in you.

Leaders who crack a joke, or respond to stress in a lightheartedly show more of their real character. Everyone likes to have fun at work, and leaders are the ones that cultivate that type of environment. 

Reduces Stress

Did you ever wonder why babies are so happy? They are amused by everything, and they can laugh hundreds of times per day. The average adult laughs less than twenty times per day and significantly less during weekdays. People naturally gravitate to leaders who are nonthreatening and help us get our daily fix of something funny. 

It’s Energizing

Let’s face it. Forty-hour workweeks, deadlines, and rainy Mondays can have us in a slump. Leaders who welcome their team with a bright smile and some laughter make it easy for everyone to get out of a rut. It’s a breath of fresh air to be surrounded by positivity and leaders who have everyone’s best interest at heart. 

Sets the Example

People like leaders who set a positive tone for the day. Leading by fear may get results in the short term, but soon your team will find themselves in a toxic environment. Not many can thrive or produce their best work under terrible leaders. 

Life is short, and you should make the most out of every opportunity. Your team depends on your leadership skills to shape and mold them to be better versions of themselves every day.

Remember, leadership and laughter go together like peanut butter and jelly!

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